Sunday, 17 June 2018

Light and Timing


"Time is an illusion, timing is an art." - Stefan Emunds

As we say on our website it's not just about being in the right place - it's also about being there at the right time. Anticipating what is about to happen presents a much better chance of achieving a great shot.

Typically I (Liz) do the bridal prep while Pete does the Groom prep. 

What follows is the story behind the wedding preparation for a wedding near Malvern in April.

I spent the morning with Kate, her Mum and Bridesmaids at a lovely barn conversion beyond Branscombe, Worcestershire. It was a beautiful place and a perfect location for preparing for Kate and Jamie's Wedding.

Things were quite chilled and everyone was having hair and makeup done throughout the morning. The little flower girls were gorgeous and loved getting ready and having their hair and makeup done.

There were clearly some excellent opportunities of light from various windows including the one below at the end of the main bedroom.

This was a perfect spot for makeup. It would be helpful later for my favourite shot of the day.

The little flower girls were playing upstairs so I followed them into one of the bedrooms - they were going to have a party. One stood on a stool to pull the shade down on the velux window. I quickly got a shot as the light changed and a shaft of light focused on her face. 

The cars had arrived. Hair and makeup for everyone had been done. Suddenly time seemed to be flying by and Kate needed to get into her dress, get her final hair/makeup check and we needed to go. 

All the bridesmaids, Kate and her Mum went upstairs to help Kate with her dress. I positioned myself to get shots as the Bride stepped into her dress. 

They also needed to take all their overnight bags and pack up so there was still quite a lot left to do. The Bridesmaids left the room. I could feel the urgency and the weight of expectation for the next part of the day. 

I quickly moved to the other side of the room and took a seat on the floor. Kate sat down on the bed opposite to do up her shoes. 

There was a moment of quiet and peace. 

It was a beautiful moment between Mother and Daughter - Kate's Mum helping Kate with the simple task of doing the straps on her shoes. 

Later on in Church, Kate's Mum would walk her down the aisle and give her daughter away but for now this seemed like a beautiful gesture of a Mother helping her Daughter get ready for this day. 

The simple act was beautiful. The early Spring light was highlighting Kate from the side. I knew as I took the picture that it was a gorgeous image.

This was a significant day among all the days that her Mum had helped her throughout her life.

The timing and the light was perfect.

Kate's Mum left the room to get her things together. It was just Kate and I but it was as though as I wasn't there. Perfect.

I was struck by the symbolism of this moment. Kate, on her own. The single bed. The look of urgency. 

Time to go. Time to be married.

These are the moments we love. Telling a story. Telling the story of this special day frame by frame.

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